Different ways to make your 69 pleasure position fabulous

If you haven’t done 69 in your life, the very first thing that comes into your mind is that what is 69 position? How to do 69 pleasure positions? Our escorts start with showering. It is not only about being clean; it’s also about having memorable moments with your beautiful escort when you are about to do something horny or seductive. You want to be relaxed before you are going to experience something new in your sexual life. Our 69 Bangalore escorts let you choose the 69 positions by selecting the top or bottom. If you want to be on the top, you can control the movements, speed, and the pressure of oral sex you are receiving and giving. You can use your hand and lube as well on our escort’s body parts to boost your oral sex. Make it extra wet during your intercourse.

What our escorts do in the 69 position

Always wanted to have the pleasure of 69? Here are our 69 Bangalore escorts to make you wet with the 69 sex position. They will give you a blowjob. You will have a great time with our 69 Bangalore escorts in the 69 sex position. They will provide you with a handjob as well. You don’t only have to lie during your 69 pleasure they will give you standing 69 desire is you wish. While they are sucking your dick, you can roll your hands all over her body to increase the level of your intense sex. You are going to be in a different position as they will change their technique to make you wetter. There are two variations of 69 sex position, and you will be enjoying both if you choose our escorts. You may have different poses of sex in your life, but we assure you that our 69 Bangalore escorts will provide you more than that. You can be sure that our Bangalore escorts will satisfy you by the 69 pleasure. You can experience new poses and amazing adult time with our escorts. So many clients continuously visit our exclusive escorts to get the 69 pleasure because they are stupendous in this position. They are well-trained, and they are worth the money you will spend to hire them.

You and a girl are sucking in the 69 position

As you know in this 69 pleasure position you and our escorts are going to place their head on each-others genitals, so you both can have oral sex at the same time. It’s an ideal position that will satisfy you. It’s a mutual fact of love that you can experience through our agency. Don’t you worry if you have never even tried this position before? Our 69 Bangalore escorts will tell you everything by practically doing it with you. Our escorts are ready to let you eat them. Eating pussy is one of the best things you can do as a man. You can have the standing 69 desire position with our 69 Bangalore escorts and if you want more challenging variations on the 69 pleasure poses, contact our leading Bangalore agency or ping us on Whatsapp now.

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